About us


In 1886 the General Assembly of the town of Szombathely decided to establish the State Civil Secondary Commercial School, which action was confirmed in a regulation by the Minister of Culture in the same year.

On the 1st of September 1890 the education started with teaching subjects providing general knowledge and culture and also four different trade-related subjects.

With the increasing number of students the building of the school required some enlargements too. This way the original building, which had been erected in 1901, became larger. For today the early school with its 5 classrooms have become a modern institution, its 28 classrooms have been provided with the most up-to-date technologies, and the several other service rooms make the school more comfortable and snugly.

The last 128 years have witnessed significant changes in the rate of the female and male students. The institution, which was originally aimed to be established for boys, in 1953 was opened for the girls too. The number of female students has increased from year to year even exceeding the number of the male students. Today there are twice as many students that represent the “gentle sex” as the “stronger one”.

In 1965 the school was transformed into a secondary school of economics. In the autumn 2004 the school took the name of Horváth Boldizsár, Szombathely’s former town clerk in 1848, and was  renamed as Horváth Boldizsár Secondary School of Economics and Informatics to serve the county’s and the town’s education.

In 2015, when we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the school’s foundation with large scale series of programmes during the year, the status of our school changed again. In accordance with the national legal regulations our school became a member school of the Vocational Service Centre of Szombathely. We are proud of our students who frequently participate in the nation and county-wide competitions with great success.  Due to our efficient work our school is considered to be one of the best ones among the country’s secondary schools specialised in teaching economics.

The wide range of vocations that are offered by our school have almost remained the same in the recent years, thanks to the fact that all of our sectors offer our students useful vocations that are always in demand. In the Economic and Management Sector we train different specialists: financial and bookkeeping assistants, business administrators. In the IT Sector software developers and testers.

We have carried on with our work as Horváth Boldizsár Secondary Technical Institute of Economics and Informatics since 1st of July 2020 as member school of Vas County’s Vocational Centre.

The high reputation of our school is based on several issues, one of them is the above average professional standard. In order to achieve this level we are given talented and highly motivated students from one side and an excellent team of teachers preparing them with competence, consistency and being demanding if necessary on the other side. The second most important factor is that the range of vocations that we traditionally teach are the most in-demand ones in the job market. Finally, the third factor is the excellent facilities and the central location of the school, as well as the importance of the social network provided by our former students that altogether can contribute to our success.

Provided that the coexistence of these factors mentioned above remains favourable, our position will hopefully be assured among the best schools of the country in the next few decades.


Address: 12 Zrínyi Street 9700 Szombathely
Telephone: +36 94 512 930
Web: http://www.hbsz-szhely.hu/
E-mail: akta@hbsz.edu.hu

Briefly about our school:

  • year of foundation: 1890
  • all boys school until 1953
  • the school was named after Horváth Boldizsár in 2004 (former town clerk and Minister of Justice 1867-1871)
  • number of students: 527
  • number of teachers: 54
  • our school is a vocational secondary school but also prepares for higher education
  • academic years last for 5 years ending with a maturity and a vocational exam
  • types of trainings offer qualifying certificate in:
    • Economics and Management
    • Information and Telecommunication

School traditions:

  • Freshman Ball
  • Santa Claus Day
  • Christmas celebration with students’ performances
  • School leavers’ ball with ribbon ceremony
  • Graduating students’ ceremonial farewell to their alma mater
  • several subject-related competitions
  • wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of Horváth Boldizsár in Budapest

Why is it a good school?

  • good atmosphere, teeming students’ life
  • excellent class communities
  • wide range of extra-curricular activities (study circles, sports facilities)
  • well-equipped classrooms, subject-specific rooms, language and computer labs
  • camps is winter and summer for sporty students and summer camp for gifted students
  • good results at the National Study Contests for Secondary Schools
  • good student-teacher relationship
  • school trips
  • central location of the school
  • widely accepted qualifications
  • highly qualified teachers
  • Red Cross Training Centre
  • ECDL Training and Exam Centre